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Unlocking Potential: Navigating the Pros and Cons of OpenSpace Technology


"Explore the dynamic realm of Open Space Technology (OST) with its empowering

benefits—engagement, collaboration and innovation. Uncover how OST addresses complex

issues, builds relationships, and boosts efficiency. However, be aware, as potential pitfalls

like lack of control and uneven participation may emerge. Navigate these challenges with

adaptability and skilled facilitation for optimal results."


Open Space Technology (OST) stands out as a powerful tool for fostering collaboration and

innovation in business meetings and problem-solving sessions. While the advantages of this

approach are considerable, it is crucial to acknowledge and navigate its potential

disadvantages. In this article, we explore both the benefits and challenges of utilizing Open

Space Technology in a business context.


  • Engagement and Empowerment:

Open Space encourages active participation, empowering individuals to take ownership,

fostering engagement, and enhancing long-term commitment.

  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing:

Participants in Open Space sessions self-organize, fostering collaboration and sharing diverse perspectives, leading to richer discussions and valuable insights.

  • Creativity and Innovation:

OST taps into collective intelligence, fostering creative problem-solving through diverse

perspectives and unconventional approaches.

  • Addressing Complex Issues:

Open Space adapts to navigate multifaceted challenges, enabling participants to explore

underlying issues and find comprehensive solutions.

  • Building Relationships and Networks:

Open Space fosters relationships and networks, allowing individuals to connect, collaborate,

and enhance teamwork within the organization.

  • Efficiency and Productivity:

Open Space optimises time and resources by allowing participants to focus on relevant

discussions, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  • Organisational Learning and Adaptation:

Open Space cultivates a culture of continuous learning, facilitating knowledge capture,

strategy refinement, and adaptation to changing circumstances.


  • Lack of Control Over the Agenda:

The flexible agenda in Open Space may challenge organisers to relinquish control, requiring

trust in the process and facilitator expertise.

  • Uneven Participation:

Open Space, while inclusive, may require facilitation techniques to ensure balanced

participation and diverse perspectives.

  • Uncertainty and Ambiguity:

Open Space's open format may initially create uncertainty, requiring time for participants to

appreciate the benefits and successes of this creative style of event.

  • Unproductive Discussions:

Open Space, while aiming for meaningful discussions, might need participants to follow the

"two feet" rule, ensuring engagement and relevance.

  • Time Management Challenges:

Open Space sessions, while potentially time consuming, demand efficient time management

and clear communication from a skilled facilitator.

  • Resistance to Self-Organisation:

Some organisations may resist the shared leadership concept of Open Space, requiring a shift in perspective toward participant driven discussions.

  • Limited Structure for Follow-up Actions:

Open Space, while powerful for generating ideas, may require additional mechanisms to

capture and implement outcomes effectively.

Conclusion: While Open Space Technology offers numerous advantages, its success in a

business setting hinges on careful consideration of both its benefits and potential challenges. Skilled facilitation, trust in the process, and adaptability are key factors in maximising the benefits of Open Space while mitigating its disadvantages.

‘’We were initially hesitant to use Open Space for our team workshop, because we are used to a more structured plan. However, once we had started and developed our own agenda for the day – enabling us to discuss what really matters – the energy in room was electric. The collated outputs and ideas were amazing.’’ - Team Leader, European Value-added Distributor.

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