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PJ Stevens - Change Management Consultant, Facilitator, Coach and Fractional Executive

PJ Stevens is a highly experienced and results driven consultant, facilitator, coach and fractional executive with a proven track record in strategising and implementing solutions for many clients from diverse industries to build better business and businesses.

PJ Stevens has over 20+ years’ experience in delivering change at all levels of business through consultancy, events, team building, management development, conference speaking

and coaching.  He has worked in the UK, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. His educational background includes many qualifications and certificates in various models, tools
and diagnostics including Executive Coaching, ALS (Action Learning Sets) and personality profiles (MBTI, SDI and Belbin) and completed an online MBA and Leadership programme
at MIT Sloan.

PJ uses his proven 5-Step process, EXACT, to help clients move faster from ‘here to there’, saving time and money, and greatly increasing the likelihood of success in any change, project or M&A.


Our Mission Is to Help Your Business Succeed


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PJ’s specialisms are connecting strategy, leadership and culture to enable businesses to move faster to value and operate better.  He is particularly skilled at helping clients identify, understand and ‘manage’ potential risks and hurdles that
might slow or derail any change, therefore greatly increasing the likelihood of success.
Most clients employ him, when they want to identify, understand and deliver change, and engage and develop their people to deliver change effectively.  This can be through better strategy, teams and teamwork, culture, collaboration, leaders and leadership behaviours.  He believes in a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and goals.  His strategies
are tailored to not only address immediate needs but also foster long-term growth and sustainability.

PJ has successfully helped many clients including a frustrated CEO and business owner whose company was underperforming by using his proven 5-Step EXACT process,

resulting in £1.1M savings, doubling staff engagement and defining their ambition and expansion plan. Whether it's driving revenue growth, streamlining operations, or guiding businesses through transformative changes, his focus remains  on delivering measurable and sustainable results.

On a recent project, PJ used MAE business diagnostic to unearth 53 unique potential hurdles that might have slowed or derailed change, enabling them to re-focus attention and greatly increasing the likelihood of success. The biggest area for attention was Culture which had been left unattended for far too long, allowing different team cultures, poor behaviours and low level intimidation to fester. The client valued the insights and the potential improvements highlighted from the
work at £60m.


Our Core Values

We Practice What We Preach


PJ and his colleagues take pride in giving great value and expect to add significant ROI.  We want the client and the business to see commercial value, and we want us all to both to feel human value and financial benefits.


We like people to say what they think and feel, safely, without fear. We are all
individuals, we think for ourselves and share our ideas. We collect those ideas and knowledge, and make the most of them for collective good.


We prefer to complete purposeful and meaningful work, that matters and makes a difference.  We like to improve business and to help others improve. We do things that matter to people, businesses and communities.

The PJ Collective

PJ has a collective of colleagues with exceptional skills and experience to help you deliver events, conferences, culture, leadership and change programmes from Digital to M&A. We call this group the Change Grokkers.

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