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PJ Tips Podcast
Leading Business Change

PJ Tips Podcast Leading Business Change: the home of great stories and practical insights from experienced and skilled leaders to improve the business of change.

The purpose of these podcasts is to share stories to give listeners practical insights and information to help inspire and deliver real change in business and businesses. There is enough theory of change and leadership, and so guests will share a much more practical view from their experience.
Podcasts cover such themes as Change, Culture, Growth Strategies, Leadership, Business improvement, Success & Failure....and Fun.

Are you an expert in leading business change? Want to share your insights and stories with our engaged audience?

Join us on PJ Tips - Leading Business Change for an enlightening conversation! We're seeking passionate, knowledgeable individuals to feature on our show.

This is an opportunity to:

✨ Share your expertise ✨ Reach a wider audience ✨ Engage in meaningful discussions

Interested or know someone who might be a great fit? Drop us a message by clicking the button below.  Let's create an impactful episode together. 🚀

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Apprentices bridge the digital skills gap with Alison Galvin MBE

As it's National Apprenticeship Week in the UK, we have recorded a podcast to discuss and promote the value of Apprentices and Apprenticeships, with particular regard to Leading Business Change and bridging the Skills Gap in Digital Transformation.


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Beyond hybrid working with Gwen Stirling Wilkie

In this PJ Tips podcast on Leading Business change, our guest Gwen Stirling Wilkie shares insights, stories and top tips on Beyond Hybrid Working. 



The new playbook for 21st century brand building with Neil Barrie

In this PJ Tips podcast on Leading Business Change, Neil Barrie talks us through the new playbook for 21st century brand building, and shares his purpose to 'challenge leaders to create a positive cultural legacy’.



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