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EXACT Process

In the fast-paced world of British business, what truly stands out as the greatest hurdle?

It's not the external forces such as environmental shifts, the intricacies of Brexit, mounting expenses or political turbulence. These are merely surface indications of the core challenge confronting British enterprises.  The ultimate trial lies in our capacity to adapt to change effectively.  We understand the struggle to recognise, interpret and capitalize on the currents of change and opportunity. That's why we offer a solution to empower your business, enabling you to unleash your distinctive strengths and secure a strategic position.

Even if your organisation seems finely tuned to today's demands, tomorrow's landscape may present entirely new challenges. The imperative for businesses to remain relevant has never been more critical. Just consider the lessons from industry giants like Nokia or Apple, whose ability to stay relevant – or not - has shaped their future.  It's alarming how often change initiatives falter. Many projects fail to meet their objectives, exceed timelines or budgets—or worse, a combination of these setbacks. The root cause often boils down to organisations setting themselves up for failure by overlooking critical questions pivotal for success.

Enter EXACT: our proprietary five-step methodology meticulously designed to guide clients through the intricacies of change, projects or M&A activity. EXACT systematically addresses five fundamental questions, significantly enhancing the odds of success and accelerating your journey to value realisation.

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The EXACT process, includes our MAE (Management Attention Explorer) diagnostic, that will show you where your current attention is, and where you need to re-focus attention precisely to access latent potential in your business, save time and money, and improve performance.


Whether it's navigating tech and digital transformations, reshaping organisational culture, devising growth strategies or orchestrating M&A ventures, EXACT equips you with the roadmap for greater success.


With a proven track record across diverse sectors—ranging from Logistics, Insurance and Banking to IT/Tech, Aviation PE and Rail—EXACT consistently delivers remarkable returns on investment, typically ranging from 15 to 200 times. In certain scenarios, such as mergers, the value proposition extends much further.


If you aspire to:

• Lead business change and transformation with precision and efficiency;

• Overcome obstacles hindering stagnant or underperforming projects; or

• Craft a robust buy-and-build strategy for sustainable growth,

then EXACT is your definitive solution. It's not just about unlocking your business's latent potential; it's about identifying and surmounting obstacles, amplifying performance, and propelling you swiftly towards realising value.

With our proven EXACT process, embrace change as your catalyst for unparalleled success.

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