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Purpose is everything.

''How brands that authentically lead with purpose are changing the nature of business today'', Accenture.

Rather like what a foundation is to a house, a conductor is to an orchestra, and a canvas is to an artist’s masterpiece—a clear purpose is everything to an organization.

Purpose is an organization’s soul and identity, providing both a ''platform to build upon and a mirror to reflect its existence in the world''.

Importantly, purpose articulates the WHY (Simon Sinek) the organisation exists, its place in the world and what problems it is here to solve. It has been said that purpose lets the organisation define who it wants to be to each human it touches through its work.

If you want connect with ignite the wealth of potential that exists - most often untapped - in your people and teams, find (redefine) the organisations Purpose. Unearthing and communicating your purpose is no simple activity, and living life and business on purpose can be harder still, but when you align all your resources behind that guiding light the change can be truly wonderful.

Whilst this is not the first time in our history that businesses are forced to consider why they exist - and it wont be the last! - what's their place in the world and who they are to their customers, I think few people would disagree that the current environment shows that both clients(customers) and businesses are using purpose to create deeper understanding, connections and choices. Many younger people look at purpose and values in business before deciding if they want to work there. Investors (ESG) consider the why a company exists and how it behaves.

The power of purpose extends far beyond marketing and sales and encompasses decision making, impact in the community, recruiting and retaining staff, supply chain eco-system, reward systems and how the company views its place in the wider environment.

There's no better time to consider 'who are you really' and acting On-Purpose.

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