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Business Transformation. Delivered.

Updated: Feb 7

Significantly improve your transformation journey.

Are you tired of the odds stacking against your business initiatives and transformations?

The secret to tipping the balance of success in your favour lies in our revolutionary Management Attention Explorer (MAE) process. Let's break away from the alarming statistic that 80% of change programs fail, because with MAE, success becomes more achievable and faster.

MAE is not just another business diagnostic; it's a journey that elevates the thinking and behaviours of your team. Our process taps into the vast reservoir of knowledge and creativity within your business, pinpointing where attention is needed to reduce costs, losses and risks while enhancing performance, culture and overall success.

Why MAE? Because it works.

The MAE diagnostic provides a clear roadmap for potential risks and failures in any business activity, whether it's a project, merger or digital transformation. Developed and rigorously tested at Cranfield, our award-winning MAE process has proven successful, delivering tangible results.

A testimonial says it all:

"Staff Engagement rose by 20% and Customer Satisfaction increased to 70+% across the UK." - MD, Family-Owned Group.

MAE: Making the Journey Manageable


  • The MAE process spans just 4-5 weeks, requiring minimal time investment from participants,

  • only 2.5 hours each during the process.

  • Engage your staff and tap into their energy, knowledge and innovation effortlessly.

  • MAE is cost-effective, delivering focused attention points for you to turn into action.

  • It provides the information, both data and narrative, necessary to transform your business or project far more successfully.

What Exactly is MAE?

Management Attention Explorer is your strategic companion, delving deep into your business to boost performance while minimising the impact of risks and failure costs. This award-winning process anonymously extracts and quantifies the hurdles and challenges faced by your organisation or project team.

How Does it work?

MAE identifies, categorises, and quantifies risks by extracting, organizing, and reporting

organisational knowledge. Participant's comments and feedback remain anonymous, eliminating the influence of dominant individuals. The process involves a structured interview, leading to a comprehensive set of potential hurdles or risks, which are then grouped, classified and quantified through assessment cycles.

Real Results Speak Volumes

"The process identified risks that were subsequently managed using small precise surgical actions." - COO, Investment Bank.

Sample Outputs Showcase Success

The graphic below illustrates the numbered risks, plotting them against significance versus

mitigation. By monitoring each risk over time, clients witness the impact of their focused efforts. This precision enables informed decision-making and resource allocation, turning potential risks into opportunities.

The Benefits of MAE are Endless

Engages: Aligns with leadership values, involving people, thoughts, and ideas.

Completeness: Draws from a cross-section of the organization, providing comprehensive risk


Balance: Eliminates bias from vocal or dominant individuals, reducing the cost of groupthink.

Precision: Collaboratively quantifies risks precisely.

Low Organisation Impact: Requires minimal time, ensuring negligible disruption.

Reliable: Offers a reliable expression of organizational knowledge, identifying attention points.

Timely: Executes to a defined schedule, delivering results when expected.

Risk Culture: Establishes a strong foundation for a healthy risk culture from the start.

MAE: Part of Our End-to-End Process

  • Delphi Vision: Understand the future possibilities.

  • Gap Analysis: Create the journey, targets, and steps.

  • MAE: Identify and mitigate risks hindering your success.

  • People Development: Enhance your key asset—your people.

  • Coaching: Ongoing support for continuous success.

  • IEI: Prioritise, activate, and monitor the right projects.

MAE - Business Transformation. Delivered.

MAE in Action: Real Case Studies

  • Major Global Investment Bank ($10B+ acquisition): Managed people risks precisely through surgical actions.

  • Major Global Investment Bank ($29B+ acquisition): Altered plans following MAE analysis.

  • Japanese Asset Management Transaction ($50m): Assessed areas needing attention in an distressed assets acquisition.

  • Business Event Continuity (8000-person organization): Focused on transport and logistics issues.

  • Travel and Ship Handling (£5+m): Evaluated opportunities for cost reduction and growth.

  • Rail Company: £400M tech and train programme. Identified 52 potential risks, with a

  • significant cluster around culture which needed attention

  • £25M family business: identified £1.1M of savings and added value, which added to the bottom line and over company value in preparing for sale.

Embark on your journey with MAE and redefine success on your terms.

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