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High Performance Team Programme: Design, Build and Maintain a High Performing Team


In this workshop, we’re not going to just talk about creating a better team, we’re going to jointly design a better team. The workshop will be the kick start that pushes your team onto a high-performing pathway. The program that we jointly create on the day will keep your team on track. Teams are a mix of relationships, traditions, habits and behaviours. Some are good, some not so good. High Performing Teams don’t emerge by luck, they need to be intentionally designed, built, and maintained. What you'll learn in this workshop: Discover The 5 Hallmarks of a High Performance Team in a fun creative way and learn how to bake these traits into your team structure. The 7 Deadly Sins of Teamwork and understand how they can creep into any team. Learn How Team Culture usually just comes about, and think about how to re-shape yours. Build Jointly build your High Performance Team Programme in a single day. The perfect answer does not exist as an off the shelf solution. It’s for this reason that we use the High Team Performance workshop to jointly create and build a bespoke High Performance Team program. The workshop is just the beginning - it’s what happens afterwards that counts. High Performing Teams need to be intentionally designed, built and maintained, in order for them to do what they uniquely need to do. Team building may be the greatest investment you will make (Forbes, 216), we tailor your sessions to give you the best ROI, whether that’s fun introductory sessions or team development. What you'll take away from this workshop: The Toolkit: tailored methodologies to power up team cooperation and productivity. The Principles Play Book: a set of jointly agreed principles to keep your team intentional. The Roadmap: a diary of milestones to make sure the HPT is progressing as planned. If you want to design, build and maintain a high performing team, this workshop is for you. Don't miss out book a call to secure your space.


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