Television & Radio


Television & Radio

PJ has made a number of TV appearances including Channel 4, BBC One and Sky. “It was undeniable from the outset that PJ’s character would make for great viewing”, according to one Television Producer.

“Once we’d found PJ we couldn’t believe our luck. We knew  right away that the way he interacts with people would make cracking telly. From the moment everyone met it was clear PJ had a refreshing approach to dealing with the sort of behaviours the client was showing and with the emotions his mother was dealing with. PJ was witty, charming and direct…for want of a Shakespearean phrase, ‘cut through the crap’…PJ has a style all of his own which makes excellent viewing, and because he’s not full of a pseudo psycho-babble which could so quickly get the viewer reaching for the remote, he’s a natural.”  

Jane Goddard, Producer, BBC.

“To sum it up PJ did an absolutely fantastic job, all of our contestants were very inspired by him when he gave them leadership training before they completed their leadership task. Both the contestants and crew spoke very highly of PJ and I cannot thank you enough for recommending him – he was brilliant.”

Tiger Aspect for Sky TV.

Other shows and appearances include BBC Radio 5 Live, Big Brother and local television debate.

To discuss any TV or media opportunities, please call PJ 07771 605 037

PJs television and media interests are in:
Business development
People and relationships
High performance
Team work
Motor Racing