Team Building Facilitator

Having a facilitator to provide direction, support and challenge during your team building event, conference or away day is perfect way to improve clarity, efficiency and return on investment whilst focusing on the tasks at hand. Facilitated team building helps to identify aspects of success and areas of improvement which will lead to an increase in team performance, achieve greater satisfaction amongst your staff and gain a more united team.

PJ is an exceptionally skilled and experienced facilitator. He is described as “a highly engaging, passionate and experienced facilitator who uses recognised systems, tools and theories that are proven to leave a positive impression and above all a lasting effect on day to day engagement and understanding in the work place”. In short, PJ delivers change.

PJ – and his network of associates – offers a variety of different team building activities, workshops and programmes. He specialises in popular team building tools and approaches to people and team development such as Belbin, SDI Strength Deployment Inventory,  MBTI Myers Briggs and the LPI Leadership Performance Indicator to name a few. PJ has been called ‘one of the top SDI facilitators in Europe’, by an international agency. He is highly experienced when focusing on team and personal development, and management training specifically concentrating on areas such as communication, change management and leadership skills, which will create, excite and deliver change.

Team Building Activities

PJ facilitates and delivers many activities and workshops, including; sailing, management tasks and challenges, Leadership Tasks,  F1 based team development activities, F1 Pit Stop challenge, CSR events, Conference Ice Breakers, NASA Moon Project, Airlift and Bespoke Activities. Please get in touch for the full list of activities, and to discuss your needs.

Team & Personal Development

PJ covers performance enhancing topics such as Inter-personal Skills,  Communication Tools, Goal Setting and Achievement, Satisfaction at Work Surveys, Leadership Development, Relationship awareness, Champion Behaviours, the Five Hallmarks of outstanding teams, Staff Engagement, High Performance Organisational Change, Risk Identification along with numerous other development tools, programmes methods to help develop people, performance and productivity.

Management Training

Change Management, Overcoming Conflict, Leadership Strategy and message, Motivational Value systems, Belbin Team profiles, Myers Briggs MBTI, SDI Strength Deployment Inventory, LPI Leadership Practises Inventory, 1:1 Coaching, HPO Diagnostics, Risk Identification Metrics and various other valuable approaches specifically aimed at leadership and business development.

Choose from 20-minute icebreakers to two-three day programmes, these include follow up coaching and support over weeks and months, to suit. They vary from fun events with real business benefits and team building to development programmes and roll-outs over many months that deliver significant value and change that can be measured. All events and activities are facilitated to a high standard as required and the training programmes are created for your businesses to deliver outstanding success.

PJ has operated throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. He has worked abroad for clients such as Dior, European Central Bank, GSK, Roche, the Olympic Sailing Squad and DMG Media, and is currently on a Faculty for Coaching and Leadership at Barclays.

“Everyone should go on the programme”, and “it deserves more time.”

98% of the staff (600 people) rated the programme as Excellent….Employee Engagement doubled in the 12 months.

“Conference was a huge success…very positive feedback was given by all participants. Thanks for working with me to come up with an extremely effective programme.”

“…it was extremely worthwhile in helping us to identify our team issues and develop action plans of how to begin to address

To enjoy some human interaction and share your needs, call PJ on 07771 605 037