Diagnostics & Profiles


Diagnostics & Profiles

Tesla dashboard provides information from which the driver takes actions.

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PJ, and his associates, are experienced and qualified in the use and effective delivery of a number of tools, profiles and diagnostics to help you deliver change, relationship awareness, business development, reducing risk and improving engagement.

Tools clients often like to use include:

  • SDI Strength Deployment Inventory
  • MBTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Belbin Team profiles
  • LPI Leadership practices Inventory
  • HPO High Performance Organisations
  • Role Excellence Profiling
  • Various 360 tools
  • Engagement leadership surveys.

Below we have three unique tools and diagnostics that we have designed, built and own. These are a real time Employment Engagement tool, a free Team Development diagnostic and the award business diagnostic MAE: Management Attention Explorer, tested and validated at Cranfield.


Employee Engagement

www.EE-Live.com is our real time employee engagement tool to help you monitor and measure Employee Engagement. The tool provides plenty of detail for quality conversations, personal development, team building and organisational change.

Engagement is the heart beat of the business and a very good sign of the health and energy in the business.


Team Dynamics

Our free-to-use online team dynamics diagnostic is available free at www.leapplc.co.uk

Created to be used with or without an interaction with us, it provides a quality online report to help you understand and connect with your team and have developmental conversations to improve people, performance and productivity

Management Attention Explorer


MAE is our Management Attention Explorer,  it is a unique award wining business development diagnostic, tested at Cranfield. It provides very clear insights into the potential pitfalls, risks or failures to any business activity. The highly engaging process helps management explore the business and identify attention points that needs focus so you can take ‘surgical actions’.