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Facilitating meetings, hosting conferences and delivering high impact programmes.


Thames River

Delivering coaching programmes, coaching conversations and coaching cultures in key British Businesses.


Business Development

Business planning, strategy and defining behaviours and values to deliver the mission.

PJ, “clients buy me to help identify and deliver change….that might end up being in risk, culture, leadership, teamwork or strategy…but what they pay for is an outcome, a change…no one wants to buy a strategy, they want it lived and livered, they want the culture to bring it to life. PJ, Change Delivered”.



Guess where PJ is?

Barclays Premiership is such an outstanding Football League with so much to learn from and develop, not just in terms of sport, but the business of football. Like every other business, Football is a people business, but it is also unique and has its own peculiarities.

To find out more about our work delivering high performance to teams in sport and business and performance coaching for individuals and teams, call us, we have big ears and even bigger passion for change!


Leadership development programmes can take on many forms. Here you see leaders learning to tackle fires together as part of their Fast Track Leadership programme. This group went on to fight fires onboard a ‘ship’ (under careful supervision). What would be the value in identifying and preventing possible risk of ‘fires’ in your business?