Business Consultant


Business Consultant

PJ is in business to help you develop their people, performance and productivity, by identifying needs, opportunities and risks and delivering changes in thinking and behaving to deliver sustainable profitable change. He recognises the fundamental importance of a united team within business and a shared clarity of the business plan, objectives and goals. In effect, driving up performance by releasing the potential that exists in the business.All businesses are different, and similar. People are all different, and similar. Example: businesses, no matter what they do suffer losses through wasted time and money, energy, miscommunication and conflict within the business. One study states managers waste 25% of their time to unwarranted conflict and misunderstanding, another that poor middle managers cost UK businesses £220BN per year.

We also know that businesses, no matter who runs them, or what they sell, can achieve and sustain greater successes – both financially and non-financially – by having clarity of purpose, a long term shared view and staff who are engaged and challenged by the purpose. Teams and businesses who clearly identify risk – and mitigate – are proven to not only reduce risk and failures, but improve sustainable profitable growth by releasing the value that exists within the people and the business.PJ works with a network of partners and associates with experience in many fields in order to give you additional services and ROI. Given certain circumstances PJ and team will also be creative with fees and percentages if clients want to work on a performance fee basis.

Case Studies & Comments

“Customer satisfaction rose from 79-93%….staff engagement doubled”
Distribution business

“98% staff (600) rated the programme Excellent….staff engagement doubled during the 12 month programme”
Swiss Airline

“With a great plan you can engage others with a sense of  direction and purpose, align all activities and review

HRD – Vodafone

“£21.7m worth of value”
IT Platform Director

“PJ is great at inspiring people and growing business”
MD Datwyler

“We effectively implemented our plan and unique strategy, and more openly engaged our people within the business, turnover is now up by 41%.”
Company owner/director